What is A  Sr22



An  SR-22 is, basically, a special form that shows proof of automobile insurance. In certain circumstances the Department of Transportation/Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will require proof of insurance to be filed with them in order for you to keep your Drivers License valid. An SR-22 filing is almost always required for an Occupational License. Once the SR-22 form is filed with the DMV, the insurance company is required to inform them if your insurance policy cancels. If a cancellation occurs, the DMV will suspend your driving privileges until insurance is restarted and a new SR-22 form is filed.


How Long is a Sr-22 Needed

This depends on the type of issue you have with the DMV and in some cases on decisions made by the court system. It can range from 6 months to 10 years. The DMV keeps track of how long you need to have a  SR-22 form on file with them. They do not notify the insurance company or your insurance agent of that information. We can inquire about your Wisconsin requirement if you would like or you can contact the following number to find that information: 608-266-2261, Hold for English, Press 5, and then Press 3 to speak to a person. They can look up your Drivers license status and SR-22 information using your Drivers license number or your social security number and birth date. You can also check this information online at http://www.dot.state.wi.us/drivers/online.htm

The SR-22 form is produced by your auto insurance company and can be taken by you to the DMV to be filed or can be sent electronically by the insurance company. If the insurance company files the form electronically, it takes a minimum of 2 business days from the time the SR-22 is added to your policy until the DMV attaches it to your license. If time is a factor, you can  is to take the SR-22 form to the dmv ..  The Bottelberghe Agency can call the DMV and fax the correct info to the right department  .


Why get your Sr-22 With the Bottelberghe Agency

We have been in business for over 35 years .  We have worked  with the State of Wisconsin for the same amount of time .  We know the in’s and Outs of dealing with the State of Wisconsin .